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Father and Son

Scott MacWilliams, Wisconsin Certified General Appraiser 91, started the S.L. MacWilliams Company in 1991 after working for the D.L. Evans Company as their Vice President for 8 years.  Scott has close to 40 years experience working almost exclusively on property's affected by Eminent Domain and the Condemnation process.  When Scott is not working on appraisals he enjoys biking around the Madison area and hunting in Richland County.  

Justin MacWilliams, Wisconsin Certified General Appraiser 2689, joined the S.L. MacWilliams Company as a staff appraiser in 2011 after completing his BA degree from the University of Whitewater.  When Justin isn't working he enjoys spending time with his Wife, Karleigh, and children, Colton and Camryn. 

Happy father's day to my mentor, best fr
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